Courtney Clem

Courtney Clem
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

About Courtney:
I am a licensed mental health counselor practicing on Bainbridge Island. My perspective is largely psychodynamic, meaning we approach your current concerns with an understanding that this moment is also informed by a lifetime of relationships and experiences. We pay attention to the here and now alongside any longstanding feelings, habits, or beliefs that might be interfering with your efforts to change and grow. I view the counseling relationship itself as a conduit for healing and exploration and often use what’s happening “in the room” to explore what’s happening in the bigger picture of the client’s life. My counseling style is direct, genuine and relationship-based. I often use playfulness and connectedness as tools for healing when appropriate, and I enjoy helping clients develop their own practical tools and skills to live life in a meaningful way. I view counseling as collaborative, where you are the expert in your story and I am here to listen and support. 

I most enjoy working with…
pregnant mamas, those who have experienced birth trauma, women/couples with infertility difficulties, postpartum struggles, complex trauma and pregnancy loss. This is a deep passion of mine. My own story plays a part in my love for this type of work. I needed way more emotional/physical/spiritual support, love, honesty,  listening than I led myself to believe and so I make it my life’s work to be with women and couples during one of the most vulnerable season in our lives. 

couples who are wanting more for themselves, their marriage and their family. In our time together we will have the space to gain awareness of the role you play currently and who you want to become as an individual, as a couple and as a family unit.

adolescents - there are many pressures that this age group experiences: school, social media, family, athletics, extracurricular and spiritual pressures - all battling within to take precedence. This battle can be stressful; and it is important to address how an adolescent’s life is being disrupted and to learn how to navigate these areas with care and understanding.

parents whose children are having a difficult time socially and academically. They are highly sensitive, and have been diagnosed, labeled or presumptions have been made that they  have ADHD or SPD. ADHD and SPD affect your child’s behavior, influence the way they learn, move and relate to others and, most importantly how they feel about themselves. I learned that children often use toys and play to express their inner world of thoughts, feelings, and emotional wounds. When provided with an environment that meets their developmental level, a child often times will show what is troubling them. Expressing their worries and hurts in this way can alleviate behavior problems, increase confidence, develop problem solving skills, and relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

On Paper…
I am a Licensed Mental Health Therapist (#LH60825530) in the state of Washington. I received my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. I have a BA in Criminal Justice from The University of Delaware.