Jillian Rifkind

Joy Point Acupuncture

Jillian is an acupuncturist, East Asian body worker, and herbalist, who received her Master’s degree from the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM) in 2013. Prior to her East Asian Medical studies, she began cultivating her skill and compassion as a mental health worker, providing support for adults staying at a twenty-four hour crisis house in California.  Witnessing the program's need for psychiatric medications in order to stabilize clients, Jillian hoped to expand the tools available to her through Chinese medicine. She volunteered working for the healthy lunches program at Standing Against Global Exploitation (SAGE Project) in San Francisco and discovered the power of detoxification acupuncture, which uses ear points to harmonize the organs, stimulates endorphins to relieve pain, and nourish the system.

Jillian specializes in nutritional therapy using traditional foods and supplements, healing musculoskeletal pain through meridian balancing and gentle movements, and improving mental health and vitality. During her years at SIOM, Jillian had the pleasure of working closely with instructors who specialized in techniques of osteopathic palpation. By becoming aware of subtle pulls of the body, the practitioner can find the channels and points that will release blockages and restore flow. Jillian believes that the body has a way of informing us of exactly what it needs, and learns something new with every patient. Her style utilizes palpation of acupuncture channels and cranial rhythms to find the most effective treatment with acupuncture and bodywork.

Jillian spent a portion of her education working with instructors at the Taoist Studies Institute, learning Chansigong, or “silk-reeling Qi gong.” She describes the practice as a series of gentle and subtle movements that help to open qi flow, unblock the acupuncture channels, and restore energy. She hopes to impart upon her patients the ability to move in the direction of ease, implementing subtle adjustments in movement and lifestyle, which will improve their overall health.

Jillian enjoys living on the peninsula in all of its natural beauty. She spends her free time going to see bluegrass and other live music shows, rock climbing, snowboarding, playing the guitar, and relaxing with her cats.