About Chi Gong

Literal Translation:

CHI, means unseen life force, like steam from a hot bowl of rice. GONG, means work or energy.

It is a branch of Ancient Chinese medicine and exercise that uses slow, gentle movements to promote natural healing mechanisms in the body.

Origin and History:

The Art of Chi Gong is often confused with the Art of Tai Chi. Although they are often taught together, or by the same instructor, they are related but vastly different from one another in the purposes they are designed for.

Both Tai Chi and Chi Gong come from the acquired learning of Ancient Chinese Monks, Medicine Practitioners, and Martial Artists.

The Art of Chi Gong is considered a branch of Chinese medicine, whereas the Art of Tai Chi includes several styles of deadly Martial Art self defense. I can teach basic foundational knowledge of both arts.

CHI meaning, LIFE and GONG meaning WORK, CHI GONG is the life force inside our bodies that open up channels of MERIDIANS, which assist in bringing blood flow to our vital organs.

The MERIDIANS are all of the nerve pathways along with which the body’s vital energy flows, including the nervous system and all our blood vessels.
There are 2 main Meridians:

  • The GOVERNING Channel

  • The CONCEPTION Channel

CHI GONG is much like Acupuncture . . . but is accomplished with movements instead of needles.

The Art can be practiced by anyone of any age and/or those with physical limitations. It is traditionally practiced with the morning sunrise, in a standing position, however if need be, can be done sitting in bed, or in a chair.

Julia Forester

Chi Gong

About Julia:

Julia has been a Chi Gong practitioner since 2004. Having experienced a way to vastly improve her own health through Chi Gong, she committed herself to teaching and inspiring others.In addition to Chi Gong Julia holds a brown belt in Ryu Shindo. She is also a certified teacher in women’s self defense, and trained in Styles, Tai Chi Chuan, Yang, jia Michuan Tai ji Quan, Aikido, and Bauguazhang.

Julia received her earliest training at The Tao Zen Martial Arts Academy, in Poulsbo Washington, and has studied under Quanjanim Master John Townsend, Kiosanim, Charles Carter, Sabonim Sarah Youngbuck.

And there after…

  • Steve Crocker, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi-Gong Practitioner/Instructor, Poulsbo Wa.

  • Kimberly Bryer-Nelson, Chi-Gong Practioner/Instructor, Bainbridge Island, Wa.

  • Carol Ann Barrows, Chi-Gong Practitioner/Instructor, One Breath Studios, Bainbridge Island, Wa.

  • Gilman Studios under Tai Chi Chuan Master Michael Gilman.

  • The Dojo at Biom, under Sensei Michael Kessler, Tai Chi Chuan, PaKua Chuan, Bainbridge Island, Wa.

  • Tai Chi Chuan Chi-Gong Master, Stephen Brown, Zen Shiatzsu, Seattle East Asian Medicine, Bainbridge Island, Wa.

  • Master LIU DEMING, Ziranmen Qigong, Australia.

  • Sensei Lew Clark, Kitsap Aikido, Poulsbo, Wa.

  • Clarrisa Bubblitz, Tai Chi yang jia Michuan, Instructor, Taiwan and Kingston, Wa.

  • Roger Walco, Bauguazhang Instructor, Kingston, Wa.

Julia currently conducts classes, workshops and private instruction sessions throughout Kitsap county. She currently resides in Poulsbo Washington and is mother of four sons and continues to combine her music, writing, and performing, with her love of the Martial Arts.