Leann Hollmuller

Pediatric Nutrition

About Leann:
I am currently finishing up my MS in Health and Wellness from the American College of Healthcare Sciences with a focus on nutrition.

Nutrition plays an important role in my family's life, as my husband has been diagnosed with ADD and Anxiety since he was in Elementary School and his career in the military does not help with either condition. We've turned to nutrition and supplements to help manage his anxiety and ADD symptoms, as he does not want to use prescriptions, and have seen outstanding results. My son, who is four, is learning the importance of healthy food habits at his young age in the hopes that when he's older he'll know how to make the best choices with regards to his nutrition. In the military there is a very high diagnosis rate of neurological conditions and sadly nutrition is not one of the first therapeutic choices that doctors recommend, which is what makes Dr. Malone so unique.

My internship at the Dahlia Center and with Dr. Malone is a wonderful opportunity to begin my journey in working with children and help them heal or see less symptoms from any condition that they may face.

My passion is to work in Pediatric Nutrition because I feel that that is a much needed field in today's culture and to partner with families in helping them reach the nutrition goals that they may have for their children. As well as help them create life long healthy food habits. My thesis is over Nutrition and Diet Therapy and ADHD but I have knowledge in many areas regarding social/behavioral conditions that children may face and how nutrition can be a useful therapeutic tool.

I look forward to being able to meet with your families and help you work toward the nutrition goals that you have for your children.