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Rose Goodhue

Bainbridge Pediatric Therapy

My name is Rose Goodhue and I am thrilled to be working with a premier team of occupational therapists at Bainbridge Pediatric Therapy. I have been an occupational therapist since the early 1980’s when I attended graduate studies at the University of Southern California. I have worked in a variety of therapy settings including Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle (clinical Hand Therapy specialist) and over the past 20 years, Bainbridge Island school district. I recently worked at Apple Tree Therapy in Silverdale WA, a private pediatric occupational therapy clinic.

I firmly believe that a child’s work is best achieved through play and exploration and that building a relationship with the child is the first step toward a successful therapeutic outcome. I have had extensive training and experience working with children who have sensory processing challenges and sensory motor coordination issues. I have also worked extensively to help remediate challenges in fine motor delays, handwriting, feeding challenges and functional difficulties related to global developmental delays. When not working, I love the great outdoors and spend time playing tennis, gardening and fishing! I look forward to providing occupational therapy services to clients who come to Bainbridge Pediatric Therapy at The Dahlia Center.